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Every time you make a purchase through iBhejo, you earn bhejo bucks. These can be used towards your future Purchases.

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Your shopping doesn't stop when you have completed your purchase. Redeem bhejo bucks for your Future Purchases.

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What are the Benefits?
  • Earn 1 Bhejo Bucks for every Rs.100 you spend on iBhejo.com
  • Redeem each Bhejo Bucks for the equivalent Rs. 1 cash amount
    • - For example, purchase goods for Rs. 10,000, Earn 100 Bhejo Bucks
    • - Use the 100 Bhejo Bucks you earned as Rs. 100 cash towards your next purchase
  • No minimum or maximum limits to Bhejo Bucks
  • Get on the exclusive VIP mailing list for exclusive offers, promos, and new product launches
  • Earn Bhejo Bucks when you refer a friend to iBhejo.com
  • Get exclusive free gifts from iBhejo for VIP Rewards

Sign-up fee: FREE for a limited only
Membership Term: Life member
Earn Bhejo Bucks: Rs. 100 spent = 1 Bhejo Buck
Redemption: 1 Bhejo Buck = 1Rs.
Bhejo Bucks Validity: Bhejo Bucks are valid to redeem for 2 months from the date they are earned

  • Bhejo Bucks CANNOT be combined with other coupons or promos
  • Bhejo Bucks earned on items refunded will be cancelled
  • Bhejo Bucks redeemed on items that are refunded will be reversed back to account
  • Bhejo Bucks will take min. 48 hours to get credited to your account

Benefits of the program:

  • Earn Bhejo Bucks for every purchase
  • Instant Cash Savings!! Redeem your Bhejo Bucks like cash on your purchases
    1 Bhejo Buck = 1 Rs.
  • Get VIP insider promotions
  • Get access to special VIP only sales
  • Get special gifts for being a VIP member
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