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For over 40 years Cococare has been producing Health and Beauty Aid products.
Our company located in Dover, New Jersey, has developed a product line that is responsive to consumer needs.
Great care is taken to assure that the quality of our products is consistent in meeting the requirements of the environmentally conscious consumers. Our products contain natural ingredients and flavors and WE DONT ANIMAL TEST.
Our product concepts have been well received and have developed strong consumer acceptance. This is evidenced by our growth in both in the United States and Internationally.
We are confident that once you have tried our products, you will be satisfied and continue to be a valued customer.
Cococare is a company that believes in providing quality products to their customers. Initially being recognized for their cocoa butter products, the company is now known for so much more. For over 45 years, Cococare has been incorporating cocoa butter into beauty products that are sold across the world. Before the expansion of their 100% all natural essential oils, skin care and hair care lines, Cococare was growing as a company by providing quality beauty and skin care products since day one… And it all started with cocoa butter!

When most customers think of Cococare, the first thing that comes to mind may be one of the most loved products, the 100% Cocoa Butter Stick or Cococare 100% coconut oil, or Cococare Vitamin E Skin Oil Aside from its popularity, the history of the company and the Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter Stick goes way beyond its yellow and brown packaging.

Fun fact: Cococare’s first ever product was the Cocoa Butter Soap, which was packaged in a yellow and brown counter display. To this day, yellow and brown continues to not only be the main colors of the brand, but they are also the colors sold on the most packaging of products dedicated to cocoa butter.

Cococare’s past is one of hard work, expansion, and growth. It all began with just one product, one idea, and one concept. That one product is what originally started Cococare’s success and enabled the company to be able to grow and produce new and different product lines. 

We are an official reseller of Cococare in India. 

Products of Cococare

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