Hair Accessories

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Hair accessories are functional and ornamental objects wrapped, tied, twisted, inserted, or otherwise attached to the hair. Throughout history, types of ornamentation and the materials from which they were made indicated religious significance, social class, age group, and level of fashion awareness. Which are Infinitely varied in shapes, sizes, and materials, examples of hair accessories include: hair rings or bands, ribbons and bows, hairpins, hair combs, barrettes, beads, thread or string, hair spikes and sticks, and other affixed miscellaneous objects (shells, jewels, coins, flowers, feathers) perceived to have aesthetic or social and cultural value. Hair accessories have been worn by people of all ages especially women. Air rings and hair bands are cylindrically shaped hair accessories wound around the hair, designed to hold hair away from the face, or otherwise confine strands of hair.Hair forks, hair spikes, and hair sticks have been used in diverse cultures, from Native Americans to Far Eastern nations such as China and Japan. Long hair was wrapped and knotted around the head, and then held in place by long hair spikes, sticks, or sometimes forks.Additional miscellaneous ornaments have been inserted into the hair over time and in numerous cultures, including (but not limited to) shells, coins, jewels, flowers, feathers, cow horns, bones, and sheepskin. In portions of North Africa and West Africa, women would create intricate hairstyles that took three to five hours to decorate. Hair accessories are important for women and ibhejo knows it well, we bring out the best imported hair accessories from America directly to your doorstep from brands such as Scunny, Goody and many more with a variety of new designs. < Show Less