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Hair Removal

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Tinkle Eyebrow Razor (Pack of 3)
Rs. 1,237.00 Rs. 1,534.00
Shaving cream helps to keep moisture in the beard hair during the shave, leaving them softer and easier to cut. When less force is needed to cut each of the hairs, your shave can be more comfortable. Shaving cream creates a very thin layer of protection between the blade and your skin to ensure the minimized risk of redness and irritation and fewer nicks and cuts. It’s so instinctive, we may not realize it, but the act of removing shaving cream as you shave helps you keep track of where you’ve already run the blade. This will help you to ensure that you don't miss a spot. Using shaving cream will help leave your skin feeling very smooth and refreshed afterward. When most people hear the words shaving cream or shaving gel, they immediately think of that crap that comes about marketing. However, when we talk about shaving cream or shaving gel, we’re thinking of something that’s a bit higher quality. When looking at shaving cream and gel, the biggest difference between the two is the foam. While traditional shaving cream is meant to be mixed with a bit of water and worked into a foam, shaving gels are quite thick and used as it is. In terms of the shave quality, there is probably not much to choose between the two. However, shaving gels do tend to be a bit better lubricating, which is why they are often recommended for men with sensitive skin. Many shaving gels are also fragrance-free, which is also helps to not irritate sensitive skin. They are also popular among men with facial hair, as they tend to be clear and so make it that much easier to trim around a beard without taking too much off. some men find them quite thick and a bit awkward to use. Plus, some of them also tend to clog up a razor quickly due to the thickness. You can find the best shaving creams and gels only on ibhejo from brands such as Aveeno, Creamo, Magic, Prorasso, Gillette and many other brands shipped directly from America.