K9Konnection Pet Grooming Tool & Deshedding Brush For Small, Medium And Large Dogs Or Cats With Long Or Short Hair

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  • PET OWNER TESTED, VETERINARY APPROVED: "This product is GREAT. Removes a lot of fur and my animals love it. They fight over whose turn it's going to be next. The cat purrs when getting combed. The dog totally relaxes. Nice product and good company to get it from." - R.Healix
  • REDUCES SHEDDING BY 90 PERCENT AND SAVES YOU TIME: Stop wasting your time vacuuming and using lint rollers to get ride of loose hair. Use your new grooming brush for 10 minutes and see the piles of hair and fur you remove from you pet. You'll be amazed how easy this tool is and your pet will love it also.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY, WORKS JUST AS WELL AS THE EXPENSIVE BRANDS: Stop wasting your money on other grooming tools. Your new deshedding brush features a 4 inch stainless steel blade that gets to the undercoat fast and with a simple brushing motion you'll be removing the loose fur, dead undercoat and all the dirt and debris from Fido's coat instantly.

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