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Lotion & Creams

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Just like your body, your hair needs nourishment too, and a lot of it. Oils can provide nourishment but it makes your hair look sticky. Hair cream does not only fulfill hair styling needs but also work to make hair healthy. Natural ingredients like Rosemary oil, Hemp, Peppermint Oil and Almond Oil give your hair, shine and nourishment. While fighting off damage done by harmful pollution, chemicals, UV rays and dirt. Earlier style conscious men would use a hair gel or wax for that back-comb-hair look and add serious shine. It looked good but felt heavy and greasy too. Today's hair cream gives a more of a natural look. Specially for dull and frizzy hair. Hair cream application gives a well groomed look to your hair. Hair cream, commonly termed as styling cream, adds natural shine to your rough hair. It smoothens the tamed hair and holds them well so that they don't fall out. In simple words, it removes frizz and fly-away without making them heavy. However, high maintenance and party wear styles like spikes, mohawks and pompadours are not possible with these creams. That require a more sticky wax kind of a thing found in our styling gels. Cream is for casual and natural finish that styles while nourishing your hair. Hair creams are not solid like wax, or sticky like a gel, they are thick creams that works for all hair types. Hair cream is especially a boon to your curly and long unmanageable mane, that gets easily entangled. Applying cream boost the curls or wavy hair without weighing them down. You can find the best cream and lotion for your hair only on ibhejo from brands such as cantu shea butter and garnier, delivered at your doorstep from the USA.