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Nursing & Feeding

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Vulli Sophie La Girafe
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Maternity care involves regular check-ups throughout the pregnancy period and after. In addition to these check-ups, there are things that you can do by yourself so that you remain at the top of your health to take care of your little one. Maternity is a beautiful experience. This experience is a very personal affair. Maternity does bring problems of its own. But, with the right maternity care products, you can ensure that your pregnancy and postpartum periods are hassle-free. During your 9-month pregnancy period, your uterus will be constantly expanding. This, in turn, stretches your abdominal muscles. After your baby is born, your uterus will take about six weeks to return to its pre-pregnancy size. Right after childbirth, your abdominal wall is also loose. Now, what a post-maternity corset belt does is it offers the support and compression to help you regain your pre-delivery shape faster. These are one of the most useful breastfeeding accessories. These nursing pads absorb remnant or leaking milk from your breasts so that the milk does not stain your pad or your clothes. These pads also make washing of your clothes less of a hassle. Leaking from the breasts is quite common that most mothers experience, especially in their early days of breastfeeding. There are different types of breast pads - disposable, reusable and silicone breast pads. With disposable ones, you don’t have to worry about washing them. These are particularly handy when you are traveling. Reusable ones are quite cost-effective. You can wash them after you use them so that you can use them again. Silicone breast pads, made from soft silicone, don’t absorb milk. They put pressure on your breasts to prevent leakage. You can use silicone breast pads when you wear a dress or a swimsuit. You can buy various breastfeeding products on iBhejo such as Breastfeeding bottles, feeding accessories, Feeding bras and many more from various international brands such as Philips, Dr. Brown’s, Angels, Ameda, Kindle Twist and many more shipped directly from America to your doorstep in India with no levy charges.