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Refund Policy

Refund Policy
Returns and Refunds
We want you to be happy with our service and the products we provide, without having doubts about authenticity or quality of the products you purchase. Please read our refund policy and procedures carefully. Due to all of our products being 100% genuine imports from the USA, we have very specific guidelines for refunds, while at the same time providing you with the best service possible.
iBhejo Standard 60-Day Refund Policy
If you're not happy, please contact us to initiate the return process for your item that is in unused and new condition with all original packaging.

For a hassle-free refund process, please make sure you follow these policies:
  • You must first Contact Us to get a RMA number to include in your return shipment.
  • You can return any merchandise in brand new and unused condition so that we receive the return within 60 days of the date we originally shipped your order. You must return all retail packaging and accessories (if any) that were shipped to you, and you must ensure it arrives back to us in the condition you received it - so please be careful with the retail packaging that arrived to you in new condition. You're responsible for the cost of shipping the item to If items are returned in opened, used, or damaged boxes or outside a 60-day return window, they may be refused.
  • You are responsible for the entire cost of the return shipment. will provide return shipping only in the event we have sent you faulty, wrong, or damaged product.
  • Again, please keep track of all original packaging, paperwork, documentation, parts and accessories. They must be included with returned merchandise. Your refund will NOT be processed if the product is not in completely new condition.
  • If you originally paid a shipping fee at the time of your order, that shipping cost will not be refunded to you. If your original order included free shipping and/or additional charge for expedited shipping, your refund will be minus our actual cost of shipping the item to you taken as a 15% fee.
  • If you received a wrong item, or the item is damaged or missing parts, please contact us to resolve it quickly. If you decide you do not want to resolve any missing parts or defects/damage and the item is in new condition, the item can be returned to us at our cost for a full refund, however you must file for an RMA with the full details of the issue.
  • If you follow these policies, we pledge to make your return experience just as pleasant and easy as your buying experience!

    Sometimes, people suggest varying degrees of what "new" condition means. Here's a guide to help you assess your situation, prior to returning.
    I received the package but decided I didn´t want it before opening it NEW
    I only used the stroller a couple of times, mostly pushing it around the neighborhood. NOT NEW
    I opened just the box and the color was not what I expected NEW
    I opened the phone and dropped it by mistake. NOT NEW
    I've got most of the parts, but I threw away the box and papers. NOT NEW
    I thought I would use the kitchen appliance, but we never got around to using it. NEW
    We never used it but my wife threw out the original documents. NOT NEW
    It doesn't match the our sofa, and we never used it. NEW
    I'll tell you that it's new, but I secretly used it and it shows some signs of use. NOT NEW
    I plugged in the stereo without a voltage adapter and it blew up. NOT NEW
  • For refunds within 60 days, Your refund amount will be credited back to your store credit or the credit card that was used at the time of purchase.
  • You can redeem the store credit for any future purchase on the full payment or the partial redemption.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for us to inspect the return and process the refund.
iBhejo Fault Refunds - 100% Refund Guarantee

For product issues due to some fault of the product,, or its suppliers, you must contact us immediately (within 24-48 Hrs) of receiving the product.
  • In the unlikely event that you receive an item in above categories, you must contact us immediately to file your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • The easiest thing you can do is NOT ACCEPT the package at delivery if you find that the package is damaged or opened. Please note this must a genuine claim. If it is not a genuine claim the package and refund will be treated as per the policy in our standard 60 day return policy above.
  • In case you have accepted the package already and find the item inside is not what you ordered or damaged or otherwise not as expected, please contact us immediately for an RMA to return the product.
  • In some cases, if it is a small issue, we may offer you the option of a partial reimbursement rather than go through the hassles of sending the product back.
  • Once we issue you an RMA for a product issue we will arrange for the reverse pick-up of your product.
  • After evaluating the received product against your claim, we will issue you a full refund of your purchase price or replace your product.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for us to inspect the return and process the refund.
  • If you follow these policies, we pledge to make your return experience just as pleasant and easy as your buying experience!
    The delivery guy came but the box had a big tear on one side. DAMAGED
    I ordered a purple case but what I received was blue. WRONG PRODUCT
    I realized after a week of keeping the product I didn´t want it. NOT QUALIFIED for FAULT RETURN
    I opened the phone and dropped it by mistake. NOT QUALIFIED for FAULT RETURN
    I wore the shoes and they were not comfortable. NOT QUALIFIED for FAULT RETURN
    I ordered size 8 but you sent me size 9. WRONG PRODUCT
    The description said it was a 10 GB drive, but I received 5 GB. NOT AS DESCRIBED
    At the time of delivery I just didn´t want the item anymore. NOT QUALIFIED for FAULT RETURN
For any query or assistance, feel free to Contact us