Flomechanix Premium Spiky Massage Ball - Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release & Increased Mobility

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HIGH DENSITY ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS THAT DON T STINK! Highest quality spiky massage ball is made from eco-friendly, 100% Natural Rubber. Specifically designed spikes supply perfect firm pressure for deep muscle tension release and improved mechanical movement. Premium Rubber smells better than your gym bag, and is better for the environment too! :)
TOUGH BUT FAIR: Increase your physical performance & mobility with premium massage tool that digs deep to hit trigger points, leaving you soft, flexible and ready for your next workout. A perfect complement to foam rollers, lacrosse massage balls & other mobility tools, these high quality myofascial massage balls provide effective muscle pain relief, digging deep with perfect pressure for myofascial release & trigger point remedies
RELEASE TENSION, STIFFNESS & PAIN: Target myofascial trigger points, perform self-massage and neuromuscular therapy. Massaging spikes target shoulder, neck and back pain, as well as hip, glute & lower chain pain and stiffness. Reflexology helps eradicate foot, leg, knee, calf & ankle pain and stiffness, and fibromyalgia trigger point therapy attacks Achilles & Tired Feet problems, Sciatica, Disc issues, Muscle & Tissue tension.
USE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Don t leave your ball bag at home! Relieve stress and tension, anytime, anywhere with a sneaky deep tissue session. Free travel bag goes anywhere - take your spiky ball to the gym, office, on holiday or at home. There s no more excuses for not feeling relieved, supple and pain free. Say goodbye to expensive sports therapists, therapy equipment and physio bills!

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