Aromaoils Tea Tree Oil - Pure Therapeutic Grade Melaleuca Oil - 1 Fl Oz

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AROMATHERAPY and SCENTED MASSAGE OIL. There are so many uses of our Tea Tree Oil but one that many people comment to us about is the Strong and Powerful scent they get when using our oil for aromatherapy and massage. Our Tea Tree Oil will brighten up the scent and make the experience much improved for the recipient. A Spicy, Warm smell that gives a soothing tingling sensation and leaves the skin feeling Fresh when applied will have your customers and spouses coming back for More!DIY? Do you make your own products? Things like dandruff or lice shampoo, shampoo for dogs or pets, conditioner, soap bars, lotion, liquid soap, body wash, shaving cream, aftershave, mouthwash, facial masks, astringent, sugar scrubs, foot spray, deodorant, candle, air freshener, balms, cleaner, or vinegar rinses. This is the product for you then as it has endless uses for being creative and leading a more natural life. Read our reviews to find out how our Happy Customers are using our products.SKIN TAG REMOVAL and ANTIFUNGAL - Do you know someone with a Toe Fungus problem or Ugly Skin Tag who is petrified to go to the doctor? We have a solution for you. Purchase a bottle for them and have them try our natural solution for embarrassing nail fungus problems and bad looking Skin Tags. It may take awhile to see results (same as with medication) but you can do it in a Non-Toxic and Natural way. It also has natural healing properties when applied to cuts and scratches, eases painful and annoying itchy mosquito bites, and reduces swelling caused by unwanted ingrown hairs.PEOPLE LOVE IT S ANTI-ACNE USE. Are you, or even worse your child, suffering from embarrassing acne problems? Our 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil can be used on those hard to get rid of zits! Through our 13-year old son dealing with his own problems and the response we get from customers who send us emails regarding its Effectiveness we can confidently promote the fact that if you are wanting a Natural product to help your teenager s Acne then our product will work very well for you.COUPONS - We Love our customers and are always trying to find ways to thank them. One way to do it is to reward those that Need a lot of Tea Tree Oil:) We have several coupons available. BUY 10 GET 3 FREE - this is our best deal, you actually save OVER $50 on this purchase: Use Code TLL7SVHM. BUY 5 GET 20% OFF, Saves $17, Use Code: 42JVEFQW. BUY 3, GET 10% OFF, Saves $6, Use Code: 2BJILNL6. Finally our BUY 2, GET 5% OFF, Use Code: MTQAJIU6. These codes will actually work on ALL of the products from AromaOils including Rosehip Oil, Emu Oil, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil so if you want to try a few different oils you can do so buy saving a few dollars.

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