Retin Glow Vitamin C & Kojic Acid Chemical Peel + Free 4 Oz Neutralizer - Contains 15% Vitamin C 10% Glycolic 20% Lactic - Get Flawless Skin Prevent Acne Wri

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IDEAL FOR ACNE, WRINKLES, ROUGH SKIN, ENLARGED PORES. Glycolic and Lactic Acid remove dead skin cells, build collagen and purge oil, dirt & bacteria from pores. The dead skin cells are what causes the skin to look dull, discolored and aged. They also clog the pores which leads to blackheads and acne. Glycolic and Lactic Acid purge the sebum and bacteria from the pores and peels away the dead skin cells. This ensures that the skin becomes smooth, luminous, and blemish-free.RETINOL FIGHTS WRINKLES... SKIN LIGHTENING INGREDIENTS FADE DARK MARKS & EVEN SKIN TONE: Retinol is still the most trusted anti-wrinkle ingredient because it vigorously fights signs of aging and restores skin s youthful appearance. Bearberry, Kojic Acid, Mulberry, Licorice and Vitamin C have been proven to naturally lighten the skin and erase dark spots and fade skin discoloration. With successive treatments you will notice that your skin tone is more even and post-acne spots have faded.ALL THE BENEFITS OF A CHEMICAL PEEL...NO BURNING, NO PEELING, NO DOWNTIME: This peel is perfect for beginners or for those who want the benefits of Vitamin C, Retinol, Glycolic and Lactic Acid but don t want to go through the burning, peeling and recovery time that is common with the stronger peels. Your skin will feel squeaky clean and glow after just one use! The combination of retinol and skin lightening ingredients will combat wrinkles and fade dark spots while Glycolic and Lactic offer gentle exfoliation. If you suffer from acne you will notice that breakouts are less frequent. It is also mild enough to be used multiple times per month.VITAMIN C PREVENTS WRINKLES...PRODUCES FLAWLESS SKIN: Dermatologists and skin care experts agree that Vitamin C is nothing short of a miracle. It is a rich antioxidant that works to increase collagen and elastin so the skin doesn t sag. It also diminishes wrinkles, brightens skin tone and makes the skin smooth and flawless! There are several forms of Vitamin C but L Ascorbic Acid has been proven to yield the most benefits for your skin. Vitamin C is so powerful that once it has been absorbed into the skin, it cannot be washed or rubbed off, so significant amounts of vitamin C will continue working in the skin for up to 3 days. You will see a noticeable difference in just a single application of this peel, but the change you will see after 6-8 treatments is simply amazingINCLUDES 4 OZ NEUTRALIZER! As a bonus gift you will also get a large 4 oz bottle of the After Peel neutralizer. The After Peel Neutralizer is needed to stop the action of the chemical peel. It deactivates the acid and prevents the peel from penetrating further into the skin. It also helps to restore skin to a normal pH level. The soothing botanicals, aloe Vera, green tea and chamomile will calm the skin and promote healing. The silky texture of the After Peel Neutralizer makes it easy to use and it is more soothing and less messy than gritty baking soda.

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