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India, along with the whole world, will be celebrating the new year. with a grand new year party in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, and all over the big cities. New year celebration in India is like any other nation as even in India. the Gregorian calendar is followed for financial and administrative purposes. Although, several regional calendars such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam. And Jainism are still used alongside the Gregorian calendar.

To each their own - as a statement comes to have a larger meaning in India as India celebrates so many new years throughout the year. There is a Marathi New Year in April and then there is a Gujarati New Year in October or November. The grandeur and infinite new years in India do not interrupt the New Year 2023 Celebration in India. As it is what brings all the people together for one evening. People from every background go on to plan family vacations, camping, trekking, and even special new year dinner ideas. New year celebration in India remains unique for its unique way of celebration.


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What is the Gregorian calendar?

The Gregorian Calendar is a followed calendar that we are currently using and it is a modified calendar of the Julian Calendar. The Gregorian calendar was proposed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 CE. The Roman Empire and British Empire are said to have influenced . The whole world to make use of this calendar for fluent trade and transactions across borders.

Where to buy new year decorations online in India?

iBhejo.com presents the End of Year Sale to shop new year decorations online in India from the US. You get all your orders delivered for free anywhere in India.

How many new years are celebrated in India?

India being a diverse nation has many religions, sects, and communities and thus, there are many new years’ celebrations in India. There is a Marathi New Year, Hindi New Year, Gujarati New Year, Assamese New Year, Rajasthani New Year, Telugu New Year, Tamil New Year, Kannada New Year, Tulu New Year, Manipuri New Year, Bengali New Year, Tripura New Year, Odia New Year, Maithili New Year, Jharkhandi New Year, Punjabi New Year, Kashmiri New Year, Sikkimese New Year, and so on.


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