Halloween is about to spook you around the corner. It is soon going to be October 31st and there we will be trick or treating everywhere. In the United States, Halloween is a grand festival where everyone dresses up their favorite fictional character or some horror costume. Kids go on to ask for treats in every household in their neighborhood. Halloween in India is quite different as we simply have Halloween parties where people gather in scary Halloween costumes and everyone watches some horror film or series over drinks or food.

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Halloween party should have a creative Halloween pumpkin and a Halloween ghost must be hanging around every nook of your party location. Play some Halloween games with your kids and family this Halloween 2022. Shop imported Halloween essentials only on iBhejo.com such as halloween makeup for kids, halloween party decor, scary halloween costumes, halloween dress and halloween lightings. Now let’s dive deeper into bloody history to know - what is Halloween?


Halloween in India is purely a rare concept and so everyone here goes on asking - What is Halloween? Thanks to the great and manipulative American television and film industry, so many millennials are already familiar with the concept of Halloween and the extravagant Halloween festival in the United States. Traditionally, October 31st marks the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. All Hallow’s Day is commemorated in honor of all saints, martyrs and all those who have departed.

Roots of Halloween day celebration takes us back to Scottish, Irish and British history. However, it is popular belief that America influenced Halloween to be evolved as what it is today. Today, Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, playing with Halloween games while dressing up in Halloween costumes. Households are decorated with Halloween ghost props and lighting is arranged everywhere. Even the food that is baked is made in the shape of Halloween ghosts. Halloween pumpkin has become a popular prop to decorate during this festival.


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  • Halloween Costume Ideas

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What is Halloween 2022 Date?

Halloween 2022 date is on October 31 in the United States and the rest of the world.

Where to shop Halloween dresses online in India?

Shop discounted and imported Halloween dresses online in India only on iBhejo.com where every item is made in the United States and ships exclusively to India through iBhejo with free delivery.

Is Halloween celebrated in India?

Halloween is not as widely celebrated in India as in the United States. However, metropolitan cities have Halloween parties in private clubs where people wear Halloween costumes based on chosen themes.


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