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The history of Valentines Day actually makes no connection to the concept of love. Some origin stories are connected to a Christian Martyr and another about the fertility ritual back in Ancient Rome. However, the typical Valentines Day Celebration that we see today actually can be traced back from the 1700s. It was more in the recent century that it became a global sensation with biggest brands offering discounts and special gifts making it a more mainstream but unofficial festival. 

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No matter how big the Valentines Day Celebration 2023 in India happens, the history of Valentine is quite interesting since it holds a mixture of paganism and Christian rituals. Back in the 8th Century, Christianity began observing a feast in the name of Saint Valentine and in the same Ancient Rome, a fertility ritual was held in the name of Pagan gods of love, marriage and fertility. However, both the rituals had no direct connections to the concept of love.

 Later, around the 18th Century onwards, printing of Valentine’s Day cards began with a small inspiration from a 14th Century poem ‘Valentine’s Day’ by Geoffrey Chaucer who connected the concept of love from the Pagan Love Gods with the feast of Valentine’s Day. Afterwards, Valentine's Day cards with love quotes began a trendy concept across the United States. Thus, it is how Valentine's Day 2023 came to be as it is today after a long history of Valentine’s Day. 


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