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Hair gels are primarily chemical products mixed with certain natural ingredients to nourish our hair and scalp effectively. Hair gels contain PVPs that are essentially polymers that hold on to our hair without being absorbed into the hair shaft. Hair gel works best for all hair types whether its curly or frizzy. The amount of gel applied is usually directly proportional to the period up to which the hair can be maintained in a particular hairstyle. A lot of application of hair gel may cause hair loss problems. However, you should choose the right product for your hair to be in place. Certain follow up measures like washing off the gel properly and not sleeping with your gel-soaked hair should be made a ritual by you. A few gel techniques for men, which have been developed like, moulding, scrunching, freezing and sculpting. There’s a lot more you can do now with your hair gel. Hair gels with high alcohol concentration, are not recommended by stylists since it de-moisturizes the scalp, dries out the hair ultimately making it very fragile. Cheap hair gels can cause flaking of the scalp and may give rise to hair fall. Make sure to carry out a thorough check before you buy your next hair gel product and ibhejo have covered it all for you. From your favourite brands such as L’Oreal Paris, Garnier, Ampro, Eco and many other international brand shipped directly from America to your doorstep.