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Add the word gourmet to any food and it feels fancier, upscale, and generally more desirable. Gourmet is less about the food than it is about the person who is the main subject of the word. Gourmet refers to high-end food. Gourmet food is often found or made only in certain locations with its specialty. The ingredients used may be exotic and hard to find in regular grocery stores. They might only be available in limited amounts or rarely exported outside of their place of origin. Some, such as truffles, must be wild harvested and can't be cultivated. They often are unique in flavor or texture. A gourmet store will often stock ingredients of the highest quality from around the world. They often develop special contacts to import and sell foods that are not readily available in their area otherwise. You may be able to work with the store to acquire ingredients by request. You can buy import various types of gourmet food Cheese, Cream Cheese, Dips and Spreads, Charcuterie Gifts, Butter and Margarine from International brands such as Wilton, Raw Organic, Viva, Nutiva, Emergen C and many more shipped directly from America to your doorstep only on iBhejo.