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Qfitt Center Parting U-Part Wig Cap #5013
Rs. 1,566.00 Rs. 2,379.00
La Demoiselle 40" Hair Tinsel 210 Strands Seven Colors
Rs. 2,460.00 Rs. 3,452.00
Walker Ultra Hold .5 oz
Rs. 2,117.00 Rs. 2,740.00
Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Remover
Rs. 2,315.00 Rs. 2,978.00

High Quality Hair Wigs Online for Sale:

Love styling your hair but hate heating them and damaging them with different chemicals? ibhejo has the best solution for you with its wide range of hair wigs and hair extensions from popular International brands such as Tressmatch, superwiggy, lemail wigs, etc which provides wide types of wigs such as synthetic which is easy to handle and cheap and natural hair which is made up of human hair and expensive comparatively but gives a natural look. Hair wigs are not useful only during your bald times but also when you have a short hair and want to turn it into long curly, straight or wavy hair.

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