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If you're on the go a lot, it can be helpful to have a few key products on hand that'll keep your hair routine going strong. This travel size spray is great for lifting up your flat hair, especially after plane naps. If your hair tends to get frizzy or dull throughout the day, spray it with a shine product before you head out. It'll seal your style in, so there aren't flyaways popping up. Mousse on curls can go very bad, very fast. Luckily, we have a product which is so light, it won't weigh curls or waves down. Apply it to slightly wet hair and let it dry naturally. Everyone could benefit from a hair mask once in a while. Think of it as an intense deep conditioner, which will make your hair feel softer and shinier. Apply after you shampoo, leave it on for five minutes, then rinse. Long hair can look great, but it requires a little extra upkeep. The less frequent the cuts, the more likely you are to get split ends, which can make your overall style look dull. We have a product helps treat and prevent them. Use it on damp or dry hair. iBhejo has a solution for every men’s grooming problem from various imported brands such as Axe, Dove and many more directly from America to your doorstep with no levy duties.