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Hair Masks & Treatments

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Hair masks are treatments that are formulated with oils, butters and other nourishing ingredients. These hydrating hair masks spend more time sinking into and nurturing hair than your average shampoo or conditioner, giving dramatic benefits in a single use.We put our hair through a lot of stress, whether it’s from heat styling, new hairstyles or exposure to the elements. That can cause serious hair damage. Hair treatment masks can help reduce hair breakage and make your hair feel healthy—all in the comfort of your own home. First, shampoo. Then, apply your hair mask. Most hair conditioning mask formulas only require three to five minutes, so they’re still easy to work into your hair care routine. (Pro tip: Use your extra time in the shower to wash your face, shave your legs or use a body scrub.) Rinse, skip conditioner and style your refreshed hair as you normally would.